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Monday, May 23, 2011

Love / Hate

We all have Love/Hate relationships about various things, don't we?
I know I have one for the gym. I took a month off from working out; not necessarily planned, but it just ended up happening. I missed about 5 days in a row because of scheduling conflicts & appointments. Then, decided to take a couple more off... you I could start back up on the "right" day. Can't start in the middle of the week, can we?
Before long, an entire month had passed. I say to myself, "why do I do that"? "I'm going to hate myself for being negligent". (Doesn't that sound better than saying 'lazy' ?) HA!

So, this morning I got myself back to the gym. And, I have to say it felt good.

Here are a few "Love/Hates" about exercising/working out/going to the gym.

Can anyone identify with any of these ?

Love to feel good about ourselves & our bodies.
Hate what it may take to get us there.

Love the way we feel once we have worked out.
Hate the exertion it takes to do it.

Love the way we look after we have lost weight or toned up.
Hate to put the time in to get there.

Love to eat food.
Hate to count calories, carbs & fat grams.

Love to take a break from our work-outs for a week or 2 or more.
Hate to get back into the routine.

Love it when we are disciplined.
Hate it when we are not.

Love walking out of the gym when we are finished.
Hate taking time out of oue day to go.

What do you say? Any other Love/Hate comments regarding the gym ?


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Keetha Broyles said...

Uh yah, I took a month off at the gym too - - - and then another, and then another, and then another - - - -